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"The need to write..." - Neon Beige

Feb. 27th, 2004 09:00 pm "The need to write..."

       I feel within me the need to write, but inspiration is too far behind, so I will write what I know: I have felt like this for the past three days, although usually in that time period I am lucky to feel it once.
       When I go to sleep at night, I still find myself walking down the dark tunnel, approaching the golden gate and the city behind, but it will not let me through. I reach through the bars, but the city pulls away, dimming, and the gate fades to a steel jail; am I trapped within or without?
       The city is a special place to me, a place where emotions are more important than currency, a place where I can feel them.
       But the gate of faded steel hold me back in this world, in this dark tunnel...

       I can still hear the dripping in the distance.
       Soon, the gate fades and I am alone in the tunnel, alone and emotionless, and my heart is empty.
       Sinking to my knees, I bow my head, but the tears do not come: my heart is empty, and the heavy hollowness degrades my spirit.

       I have lost her, and the city, and there are no more tickets left. I can still hear dripping in the distance.

Current Mood: inspired

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