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2004 Literary Festival - Neon Beige

Mar. 18th, 2004 02:37 pm 2004 Literary Festival

I'm so happy.

I just got back from this year's surban prarie literary festival. this year I successfully placed! 3rd in poetry.

"Just Play-Relax" was the poem that placed.

I'll post it later.

EDIT: Here it is:

"Just Play"

the shuffling of the cards
draws the soreness from my hands
       Shuffle them well.
       Then deal them out.
deal them out, relaxing wrists and
tensing fingers, arms preparing
       After dealing, pause.
       Reflect upon the cards.
reflection can reveal much, if
the cards are one with me
       Take your time.
take care when playing the cards,
as they reflect moods well
       No two games are the same.
       Enjoy this one.
one game at a time, focus
your mind on the present, relax
       Play them carefully.
       Do not hesitate.
not hesitating, follow instincts,
and your heart, believe
       Do not risk the game.
       It may be your last.
last games: try to end with a
winner, rising dampened spirits
       Be yourself.
       The cards do not judge you.
judge the value of plays by
their results, their gifts
       Do not get angry.
       Failure is not punishment.
failure may hurt, but it teaches
more than cheating, or winning
       Do not cheat.
       You will lose.
you will never get better if you
cheat, only grow more angry
       Losing develops endurance.
       Endure suffering proudly.
suffering for losses is a dead end,
forget the loss, remember the faults
       Just play.

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Date:March 22nd, 2004 05:09 am (UTC)

This is Greg

Very nice, very confuss-ed am i, though intelligentable i feel, whilst you confussticate me...^_^ I feel...like playing solitare!