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Manuscript - "Untitled" - Neon Beige

Feb. 26th, 2004 12:00 am Manuscript - "Untitled"

       The town, with "help," soon forgot about the incident; and it never spread to anywhere else. The world went back to normal--or so it seemed.
       My secret could not be kept from everyone; with some thought, I gathered my friends together and told them of my new abilities. Their reactions were not far from what I expected. The three of them were a tad suprised, greatly happy for me, and slightly dissappointed that I had not told them sooner. But when I offered to share immortality with them, I received exactly the answer I was hoping for: yeses all around.
       Soon after that gathering, I converted and blood bonded them all; and a new terror was set loose upon the world. Although I attempted to convince them all to hang around in their old roles for a while, only Greg and Paul did so, while Mel left as soon as she awoke. However, eventually, they all left, and I remained with only the mental connection to attach us.

       I finished high school and went on to college, gatherin an Associates in Web site design and managemnet. I got a job.
       For all but the bloodlust that haunted me and my agelessness, I played the part of a normal human, and no one knew any different. Slowly, any communication with the other until only the mind-binding assured me that they were still out there somewhere, "alive" and well.

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